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In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, we are uniting the brightest and most forward-thinking minds in a variety of industries and fields for an exciting day of thought-provoking talks and discussions. Our inaugural event in 2017 saw speakers from across the world share their ideas not only to students, staff, and alumni but to an international community of over 500,000 people. Building on last year’s success, we are collaborating with a panel of remarkable innovators, thinkers, and doers to host a conference centred on the theme: Portals of Discovery—a quote taken from James Joyce’s Ulysses.


Science Gallery
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


March 7th, 2018.

Inspiring Stories

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Last year’s flagship TEDxTCD conference featured a panel of exceptional ideas and performances centred around the theme of Placing your Bets. Speakers from all walks of life delved into a wide range of topics, delivering passionate and engaging insights. Some speakers stressed the importance of destigmatising mental health, while others showcased insights into building a better day and achieving personal development. From one man’s journey to building a bitcoin empire to another’s account of resiliently overturning anti-gay laws in Ireland, our 2017 conference successfully sparked conversation and connection.

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Founded in 2017, TEDx Trinity College Dublin is managed by a passionate student society, TEDx TCD. Supported by a highly-motivated community of students who endeavour to transform their visions into reality, alumni who excel in their field and committed professors and staff who have years of expertise and wisdom, TEDxTCD looks forward to hosting another conference to our vibrant (and growing!) community in March.

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  • Portals of Discovery - March 7th

  • 14:45 - 15:05
    Niall will be giving a talk entitled “Dignity Through Identity”. Niall is the Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of AID:Tech. AID:Tech’s mission is to bring social and financial inclusion to the world’s undocumented and underserved populations using digital identity based on blockchain technology. AID:Tech was the first company in the world to deliver humanitarian aid using blockchain technology in a completely transparent manner. Prior to his work in AID:Tech, Niall founded a number of other companies and help senior technology positions in organisations like HP, Ericsson, LG & Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.
    Pacaar Theatre, Science Gallery Dublin

  • 15:05 - 15:25
    Dr. Paola Rivetti is an Assistant Professor at the School of Law and Government, DCU. She holds a Ph.D. in Social and Political Sciences from the University of Siena and an MA in Political Science and IR from the University of Turin. Named the Early-Career Researcher of the Year by the Irish Research Council in 2017, her research interests focus on social movements in the Middle East and the movement of people from and in the region. Rivetti will be giving a talk titled: “What’s wrong with solidarity?”.
    Pacaar Theatre, Science Gallery Dublin

  • 15:25 - 15:45
    Mark and Andrew are this year’s student speakers. They are third-year exchange students from U.C. Berkeley and are both double-majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. Their talk, “Homeless to Silicon Valley: A Life Without Fear”, outlines how their unique experiences have led them to adopt a mindset of living without fear. Andrew was a Mechanical Design intern at Tesla in Summer 2017, working on the second-row seats for the Model 3, and will be an Engineering Project Management intern at Apple in summer 2018, working on Product Design for the Apple Watch. Mark was an Engineering Project Management Intern at Apple for 8 months in 2017, working on Macintosh computers, and will be at Microsoft in Summer 2018, as a Program Manager intern on their Devices team. Andrew and Mark co-created and currently run TheTechTwins, a YouTube channel helping students break into the tech industry. They also founded Momentum, the first speaker series in Berkeley’s College of Engineering, hosting events on topics including internships, entrepreneurship, and resilience.
    Pacaar Theatre, Science Gallery Dublin

  • 15:45 - 16:05
    Tomi Reichental is an 83-year-old survivor of the Holocaust. He was born in Czechoslovakia in 1935 to Jewish farmers and lived with his family on their farm until the age of eight. His family went into hiding, but were caught by the Gestapo and deported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1944, where he would stay for a year until the camp’s liberation in April 1945 by British forces. He moved to Ireland in 1959 to work at a zipper-production factory. He then ran a jewellery store until his retirement. For 60 years, he refused to talk about his experiences, until he was invited by his son to appear before a group of schoolchildren. Since then, he has made it his mission to tell people his story – he now visits schools around Europe on a weekly basis to teach schoolchildren about the Holocaust. When asked why he does it, he replied: “because I owe it to the victims.” Tomi has already appeared in three documentaries, the last of which, “Condemned to Remember”, is currently being aired by RTÉ. Hoping to show that the Holocaust wasn’t a blip in world history but rather a common occurrence, he tells the story of many victims of other genocides, particularly Bosnia. Tomi has received many accolades for his efforts. He has received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, the highest decoration awarded by the German government. Additionally, he also won RTÉ’s Person of the Year Award in 2014. His talk will be called “I was a boy in Bergen-Belsen”.
    Pacaar Theatre, Science Gallery Dublin

  • 17:00 - 17:20
    Professor O’Neill holds the Chair of Biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin where he leads the Inflammation Research Group. He has a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of London and carried out Post-Doctoral research at Cambridge U.K. His research is in the area of the molecular basis to inflammatory diseases. In 2017 he was named one of the world’s most influential scientists by Clarivates Analytics. He is a co-founder of two Spin-out companies — Opsona Therapeutics and Inflazome Ltd, which are developing new treatments for inflammatory diseases. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2016.
    Pacaar Theatre, Science Gallery Dublin

  • 17:20 - 17:40
    Dr. Ian Hughes’ remarkable career and credentials span from his background as a scientist, psychotherapist, writer and government policy advisor in science and technology. Having graduated with a Ph.D. in atomic physics, Hughes has worked in some of the top international research laboratories. He has helped establish a Department of Creative Technologies and has also co-founded a program that brings together scientists and journalists, making science more accessible to the public. Hughes’ talk: “How Dangerous Personality Disorders are Destroying Democracy” ties together his background in science, psychology and, political science. In it, he will outline how a small proportion of people with dangerous personality disorders cause most of the suffering in our world. His book “Disordered Minds: How Dangerous Personality Disorders are Destroying Democracy” is to be released in September 2018 and will also explore similar themes.
    Pacaar Theatre, Science Gallery Dublin

  • 17:40 - 18:00
    Meet Emily Power Smith MSx, PGDip, MIACAT, MWAS Emily will be giving the talk “Better, Sex, Positivity: Three Interchangeable Words”. Emily holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Sexology (the scientific study of human sexuality). She is a Sex and Relationship Therapist and Coach, Sexuality Educator, Professional Trainer and, Facilitator. She writes a weekly sex and relationship column for the Evening Herald and is a regular contributor to the national press, radio, and TV. Emily is Ireland’s only clinical sexologist and is passionately sex-positive. She leaves judgment and outdated values at the door and talks from the heart about how sex can be fantastic if we choose. While Emily understands that not everyone wants to be sexual, her focus is on helping those who do to shed their shame, become educated and to feel empowered to express themselves. Emily’s shame-free style gives her listeners permission to ponder, question and develop their own sexual intelligence in a fun and entertaining way.
    Pacaar Theatre, Science Gallery Dublin

  • 18:00 - 18:20
    Author of “I Found My Tribe” and 2017 winner of the Newcomer of the Year Award (Bord Gais Energy Book Awards), Ruth Fitzmaurice is in the process of writing a film script, optioned by Element Pictures. She was married to the late author and film director Simon Fitzmaurice, subject of the 2016 documentary “It’s Not Yet Dark” and she now lives in Greystones Co. Wicklow with her five children, two dogs, and two cats. Ruth will be giving a talk entitled: “Why I Planted My Wedding Delft in the Back Garden”.
    Pacaar Theatre, Science Gallery Dublin

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