About us

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, we are uniting the brightest and most forward-thinking minds in a variety of industries and fields for an exciting day of thought-provoking talks and discussions. Our events over the last two years have seen speakers from across the world share their ideas not only to students, staff, and alumni but to an international community of over 600,000 people. Building on last year’s success, we are collaborating with a panel of remarkable innovators, thinkers, and doers to host a series of events culminating in our main conference in February centred on the theme; ‘Together, We Are Autonomous’.

Inspiring Stories

From speakers all over the world

Last year’s flagship TEDxTrinityCollegeDublin conference featured a panel of exceptional ideas and performances centred around the theme of Placing your Bets. Speakers from all walks of life delved into a wide range of topics, delivering passionate and engaging insights. Some speakers stressed the importance of destigmatising mental health, while others showcased insights into building a better day and achieving personal development. From one man’s journey to building a bitcoin empire to another’s account of resiliently overturning anti-gay laws in Ireland, our 2017 conference successfully sparked conversation and connection.

Students, Staff & Alumni

From Ireland's leading university

Founded in 2017, TEDxTrinityCollegeDublin is managed by a passionate student society. Supported by a highly-motivated community of students who endeavour to transform their visions into reality, alumni who excel in their field and committed professors and staff who have years of expertise and wisdom, TEDxTrinityCollegeDublin looks forward to hosting another conference to our vibrant (and growing!) community in February.

They've Spoken

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